Beautiful Lyrics for your iPhone and Mac.

Millions of Lyrics

Strophes works with iTunes, Spotify, Rdio, Radium and YouTube. Just play a song and let Strophes find and display the best lyrics.

Synced Scrolling

Forget about scrolling while trying to read your favourite lyrics. Just play any song and let Strophes highlight the current line for you.

Artist Screen

Ever wondered how The Beatles, Coldplay or U2 got started? Find out more about your favourite artists with Strophes.

“Strophes is, by far, the best lyrics app I have found on OS X, and it works with the apps I am
already enjoying.”
“Sometimes you run across a Mac app that's so well designed and executed you add it to your
‘gotta have’ arsenal.”
“Simple, beautiful and fast. I love the artist screen, I use it all the time to read about myself.
Strophes is the bomb.”
L. van Beethoven
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